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Morton J. Nussbaum, Chairman

Marc R. Nussbaum, President

Matthew Nussbaum, Sales Executive

John Randazzo, Sales Director


Eric Christianson, Sales Executive

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Key Personnel

Morton Nussbaum is the company’s Chairman and CEO.  Morty has been involved in the seafood industry for over 40 years, starting out working in his fathers retail fish market as a young man, and progressing upward in executive positions with companies such as Gorton’s of Gloucester,  Seamark, and the Shore Group of companies.  He has traveled extensively around the world trading seafood and is particularly knowledgeable about the Asian shrimp industry, its packers, personnel, capabilities, and reliabilities. Morty also served as a Regional V.P. of the National Fisheries Institute and was one of the founders of the American Seafood Association.  He was a principal speaker at the International Boston Seafood Show’s Shrimp Forum in 2006.

Marc Nussbaum is the company’s President and responsible for the day to day operations of the company.  He has been with IMS from the beginning.  Marc has also traveled extensively to Asia and Latin America and is well versed on the nuances of the international shrimp game.  He is well liked and respected by producers and customers alike.

Matt Nussbaum, Morty’s youngest son, has been with the company for approximately 10 years.  He is responsible for managing a substantial list of wholesale customers but is also in charge of the company’s logistics operations, and information technologies. He oversees a staff of traffic and administrative people to keep track of inbound containers and to ensure prompt delivery service and most particularly in the area of contracted, program type business.